What is optomap imaging


Fundus photography enables your optometrist to capture pictures of the interior of your eye, most specifically, your retina. Your retina is the neurosensory tissue that interprets the images your eyes see, and converts them into the form of electrical impulses, which are then carried to your brain. Optomap imaging is a new technology that provides your eye specialist with a 200 degree view of your internal eye.

Optomap Imaging Process

When your optometrist uses the Optos to do an optomap screening or more detailed imaging to examine your inner eye, they will seat you in front of the instrument and instruct you to look at a target in multiple position.  A series of quick flashes are then used to take extremely detailed pictures of your inner eye. This can be done without dilated pupils and can serve as an alternative to dilation in some cases.  It is a extremely beneficial instrument in screening for retinal disease and to monitor retinal problems such as diabetic retinopathy, choroidal nevi, glaucoma, macular drusen, plaquenil toxicity, retinal thinning and holes, and so much more.  WE LOVE OUR OPTOS!

Using optomap imaging , your eye doctor is able to identify, diagnose, and monitor eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and other common and rare eye conditions or diseases. Contact our eye care clinic to set up an eye exam with one of our eye doctors today.