Lasik and Cataract Surgery Co-Management

At In Vision, our eye doctors have extensive experience in the pre and post-operative care of patients in need of Cataract Surgery and LASIK Vision Correction.

Our optometrists are dedicated to your personalized care, and will perform a thorough pre-operative eye exam to determine if corrective eye surgery is right for you. The benefits, risks and available options of the procedure will be clearly explained to you prior to making your decision. Our doctors will then prepare you for surgery, and assist with your recovery in the convenience of our office.

Our doctors work closely with only top-rated surgeons to assure the best outcome for you.

LASIK Pre-Op Exam – Are You a Candidate for LASIK?

All those who undergo LASIK corrective eye surgery must have a specialized eye exam to identify if they are a potential LASIK candidate. These exams measure different aspects of potential candidates’ eyes and determine if LASIK is a viable solution.

Eye characteristics examined prior to recommendation include: corneal thickness, tear production, pupil size, and the consistency of a patient’s refractive error. Along with these considerations, our optometrists measure your exact refractive error to ensure your eye surgeon has the most accurate measurements before your LASIK procedure.

If it is determined that you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery, your exam information will be forwarded to the surgeon and a pre-surgery consult will be scheduled for you.

LASIK Post-Operative Care and Follow-Up

Generally your LASIK eye surgeon will request a follow up appointment that same day or the day after your operation. Beyond the immediate follow-up, it’s extremely common for an optometrist to take over post-op care for LASIK patients. Our optometrists will monitor your recovery at specific intervals and communicate findings to the surgeon.

After LASIK eye surgery, your eyes will temporarily be dry. You will be given prescription eye drops to prevent infection, inflammation, and to keep your eyes moist. Healing from LASIK surgery usually occurs rapidly.

Cataract Post-Operative Care and Follow-Up

Following cataract surgery, you will most likely need to see our eye doctors for an eye exam after 1 to 2 days, and again a few weeks later. During these exams, our doctor will look for symptoms of possible complications, provide you with any necessary eye protection, and prescribe needed medications.

We will advise you about the symptoms to look for to ensure you know when to obtain emergency medical treatment. Contact our doctors promptly if you notice any of the following symptoms after cataract surgery:

  • Increased pain, redness or swelling around the eye
  • Discharge from the eye
  • New floaters, flashes of light, or changes in your field of vision